The Family Post 1:

The Family Post 1:

We had a very busy day today in our Walnut Creek location.  With two appointments and three walk-in notary appointments, it was “standing room only” by 11:00am.


Our divorce newspaper ads and NPR radio ads are yielding more divorce inquiries.  We are a very reasonable place for helping people with divorce – both on your pocketbook and on your psyche.


We’re cost effective ($799 to prepare and file all the papers for an uncontested divorce from beginning to end, as opposed to a minimum of $3,500 at an attorney’s office for the same thing).   And using our services helps to minimize conflict.  Our job is to help you through the forms and procedures and to implement the agreement you’ve made with your spouse – not to tell you that you can take him or her to the cleaners.  We can’t give you advice, but we can spot potential problems and we’ll refer you to very qualified professional advisors when (and if) you need it.

The end result will be that you’ll come out the other side of your divorce process ready to start afresh, rather than licking your wounds.