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With our diverse Bay Area population, it’s not unusual that couples get married, then one spouse decides to return to his/her country of origin or move to another country altogether. Divorce can be part of this life change. Our family law team at California Document Preparers finds that these cases surface...

Another summer is drawing to a close and it always comes too soon. Our vacations were invariably too short, the time with our friends and family too brief. Now we find ourselves shivering in the mornings as we get ready for work and evenings on our decks and patios have...

People change their names for a variety of reasons, but one situation that’s getting a lot more attention is that of transgender people changing their names to one that’s more appropriate to their new gender or the one to which they identify. For many transgender people, it’s been a long,...

At California Document Preparers, we help clients who are seeking uncontested divorces. If there are children involved, that divorce must include a parenting plan. This can take many forms, but this is an example of how a Bay Area family structured a parenting plan that fits their situation. This couple, who...

Divorce is a scary proposition, bursting with unknowns and steeped in horror stories of  lives traumatized and bank accounts annihilated.  With three children, a home, and eight years of marriage at stake, Joe knew that the risks in the  divorce he and his wife were contemplating were substantial. Deep down though, Joe knew  that...

We had a very busy day today in our Walnut Creek location.  With two appointments and three walk-in notary appointments, it was “standing room only” by 11:00am.   Our divorce newspaper ads and NPR radio ads are yielding more divorce inquiries.  We are a very reasonable place for helping people with divorce...

Preparing for Your Family Law MatterINITIAL PRE-FILING CONSIDERATIONS Family law covers a broad range of issues, from separation and divorce to custody and adoption. Whether you’re a spouse, a parent, a child or part of a same-sex or unmarried couple, it’s important to consider a few financial and emotional factors before you embark upon a family law matter. Taking a few simple steps before you file a petition can make a big difference later. In fact, certain actions are prohibited after filling, so you’ll want to be sure and take care of these ahead of time.

Asking your fiance for a Prenuptial Agreement doesn’t have to spoil the romance and joy of your engagement. A Prenuptial Agreement is an excellent way to protect yourself and loved ones in the event of divorce or death. The key to a Prenuptial Agreement is to begin a dialog well...