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If you’re planning a divorce in 2022, you’ve got lots of company. Few couples want to disrupt the family’s holidays with Divorce matters, and statistics show that Divorce rates are highest early in the year. These are things you can be doing now that will help move the process along, minimizing...

Coming to the realization that it's time to end your marriage and going through the divorce process is emotionally and mentally stressful. The relief of signing final documents or receiving the judgment can be immense, but it's important to note that resolution may not be 100 percent complete. Financial and...

We had a very busy day today in our Walnut Creek location.  With two appointments and three walk-in notary appointments, it was “standing room only” by 11:00am.   Our divorce newspaper ads and NPR radio ads are yielding more divorce inquiries.  We are a very reasonable place for helping people with divorce...

If you would like to save money on your divorce, you may want to consider a friendly divorce. While the word "divorce" and the word "friendly" seem to be antonyms, many couples opt for a "friendly divorce" to save money and part on somewhat amicable terms. Also called an Uncontested...

HELPFUL INFORMATION ABOUT WHAT TO DO AFTER YOUR DIVORCE  Written by Linda Kasper for California Document Preparers                    DIVORCE  Divorce is unfortunate and can be devastating to all parties involved. Some divorces are easier to process than others depending on the issues involved. It can be...

Preparing for Your Family Law MatterINITIAL PRE-FILING CONSIDERATIONS Family law covers a broad range of issues, from separation and divorce to custody and adoption. Whether you’re a spouse, a parent, a child or part of a same-sex or unmarried couple, it’s important to consider a few financial and emotional factors before you embark upon a family law matter. Taking a few simple steps before you file a petition can make a big difference later. In fact, certain actions are prohibited after filling, so you’ll want to be sure and take care of these ahead of time.

Giving up on a marriage is painful, regardless of whether it's an amicable split or one marred by bitter custody battles. Even under the best of circumstances, nobody really wants to walk away from his/her spouse. And then there are the financial considerations--it costs more to run two households than...