What is a Durable Power of Attorney?

Whether dealing with a family member’s estate, possible future health issues or managing someone else’s financial affairs, you may have heard the term “durable power of attorney.”  What is a Durable Power of Attorney for financial and property matters (DPOA)? A durable power of…

4 Important Skills A Divorce Can Teach Kids

Divorce is rarely a seamless or emotionless process. The transition from a family unit to separate households can devastate your children who never imagined that their parents would separate. You can reduce that pain dramatically by prioritizing their emotional well-being during divorce proceedings.  Top…

Co-Parenting Goals for a Happy Summer 2022

Alexis and her former husband had recently gone through a peaceful divorce when co-parenting became a new issue. They had agreed to share custody of their children, but they hadn’t explored longer holidays and how they would have the kids divide their time between…

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