Uncontested Divorce: The Only Hard Part is the Decision

Uncontested Divorce: The Only Hard Part is the Decision

We all know people who’ve been through contentious divorces; couples who are fighting over child support, custody and assets need the best divorce attorneys money can buy. But for those who simply want to get a divorce, California Document Preparers provides an easy, cost-effective solution to divorce. We help many people like a Concord woman who recently came into our Walnut Creek office wanting to know if we could help her with a divorce.

Married for 26 years: no children, no pets                                                                                                           

She and her husband still lived together in the home they’d bought in the early years of their marriage, and while they got along, they had long ago ceased to have any real relationship. For many years they had been living separate lives and had decided it was time to live these separate lives separately. They had two retirements, two cars and anticipated no disagreements over division of property.

Couples like this one qualify for an uncontested divorce

Our Preliminary Disclosure workbooks help you get the divorce process started; many people take these home with them so they can access their financial data and online accounts to flesh out this information without distractions, in the comfort of their own homes.

You’ve done the hard part–making the decision to get a divorce

We’ll guide you through the step-by-step process to finalize your divorce agreement. Our team of document specialists is experienced, seasoned and here to help you. Contact CDP today