If Divorce Is One of Your New Year’s Resolutions, We’ve Helped more than 2,000 Couples Get Uncontested Divorces

If Divorce Is One of Your New Year’s Resolutions, We’ve Helped more than 2,000 Couples Get Uncontested Divorces

You may be one of these couples—or you probably know one—trying to make it work for the kids. But the constant bickering and tension create an environment that’s not healthy for any family. The holidays and their added stress and emotion often bring out the worst in relationships, and many couples promise themselves that they will not spend another year like this one.

Uncontested divorce: agreement about children, money and property

Uncontested divorce means that a couple agrees on divorce-related issues, which include child custody and support and division of property—both assets and liabilities. If you and your spouse can work out these issues yourselves, you will save yourselves and your family considerable time, money and distress. You will also spare your children the agony of an extended legal battle and disrupt their routines as little as possible so they adjust to the new family reality.

Your first visit to a California Document Preparers office: Information gathering

It’s the job of California Document Preparers to make the preparation and filing of your paperwork as easy and stress-free as possible. We collect information about you, your spouse, children and finances in our “First Steps” and “Preliminary Disclosure” workbooks. Many of our clients take these workbooks home, where they have access to their online banking accounts and financial records, so they can complete this information in privacy and without feeling pressured.

Next steps: Signing paperwork and serving documents

  • You’ll review and sign your petition and the accompanying documents and pay the court filing fee.
  • Serving documents. This is the formal process of delivering the documents to your spouse, which can be done in person, by mail or by publication.

Figuring out settlement: Division of assets and a parenting plan

This may be the hardest part—developing a comprehensive plan for division of assets and debt and support and custody of your children. If there are children, there must be a parenting plan, and the more structured, the better. Some couples do all of this relatively easily, but for those for whom this is a challenge, California Document Preparers has a network of excellent professionals to whom we can refer you, including local attorneys, financial advisors, accountants, mediators, and other trained professionals.

There are a few more steps, including signing final documents. California Document Preparers is there for you every step of the way; we notarize the final documents and submit the final judgment package to the court for you to finalize your divorce.

If this is the year you are finally going to get a divorce, come in to one of our California Document Preparers offices to get started today. We’re here to help.