How Do I Change My Name After My Divorce?

How Do I Change My Name After My Divorce?

Many couples–women in particular–find themselves divorced with bad memories of their marriage, yet they’re still carrying around their husbands’ last names as reminders.

How to change your last name once your divorce is finalized? There is a process to accomplish this that includes filling out and filing forms, running an ad in a newspaper and appearing at a court hearing.

California Document Preparers guides you through this process. We:

  • Help you fill out the appropriate court forms using our attorney-approved workbooks
  • File the forms with the appropriate court
  • Apply for the circulation of a newspaper ad indicating your intent to change your name

To change the name of a minor child, the biological parents must either be provided with notice or must both sign the court documents. California Document Preparers can also help you change an entire family’s name all at once using one of their workbooks.

Contact California Document Preparers today about changing your name after your divorce is final.