Deeds: Online Title Transfer is Easy, Seamless and Convenient

Deeds: Online Title Transfer is Easy, Seamless and Convenient

Deeds are one of our most popular services and many people are not aware that California Document Preparers has an even easier way to transfer title to their property. Our website has an online shopping cart that is easy, secure and seamless. From the main Deeds page, you’ll see a Get Started button, followed by a series of deed types. Choose the requested Deed transfer service:

  • Real Estate Title Transfer
  • Transfer Property to or from Your Living Trust
  • Transfer to LLC or Corporation
  • Affidavits of Death
  • Loan-Related Deed

You may be presented with another screen where you must make another selection. If you are Transferring Property to or from Your Living Trust, you will need to choose whether you are transferring the Deed to or out of your Trust.

You will receive a message that CDP will need a copy of the current deed to your property in order to prepare a new deed for you.

  • If you have the current deed, you may provide it when you upload your completed workbook.
  • If you do not have the current deed, CDP can obtain the current deed for you from a title company for a cost of $10. If you click this button, the $10 fee will be added to your shopping cart.


“Proceed to Checkout” and you will see your online shopping cart.

  • If you’re a returning user, log in with your email address and password.
  • If you’re a new user, create an account, including a login and password.


Guiding you through the checkout process

You will see the steps across the top of the screen that will guide you through the checkout process.

  • You will be able to review your order and make a payment before submitting it.
  • You can pay with an Amex, Visa, Discover or MasterCard.
  • You’ll be presented with a dropdown to select the California Document Preparers office that is most convenient for you to work with for your Deed transfer process.
  • Once you’ve paid for your purchase, you will be able to download our attorney-approved workbook.
  • When you’ve completed the workbook, you can either upload it from your account in our secure website or email it to us. If you’re including a copy of your deed, it’s at this point that you attach this document as well.
  • After we receive your workbook, we complete the legal documents for you. If necessary, we pull the deed from the title company. Once the paperwork is ready, we call you and schedule a time for you to come in and sign and notarize the legal document.
  • We file the final document with the County Recorder and send you a copy.


Don’t underestimate the importance of a deed

Many people underestimate the importance of a deed, but it quickly becomes apparent when they get ready to sell their home or other property. It’s really very simple: Without clear title to your property, you won’t be able to sell it.

Your deed is filed with the County Recorder’s office in the county in which your property is located. We subscribe to a title company service that allows us to pull up the current deed–a tremendous time-saver for our clients.

Our convenient online deed transfer process necessitates just one office visit to sign the final document. One of our California Document Preparers team is always available to answer questions or help with the deed transfer process.