Co-Parenting Goals for a Happy Summer 2022

Co-Parenting Goals for a Happy Summer 2022

Co-Parenting Goals for a Happy Summer 2022Alexis and her former husband had recently gone through a peaceful divorce when co-parenting became a new issue. They had agreed to share custody of their children, but they hadn’t explored longer holidays and how they would have the kids divide their time between both parents.

The lack of discussion resulted in confusion and chaos when one of the kids asked a question about summer holidays neither parent had an answer to. They realized they needed more boundaries and rules in place so that normalcy could continue with a minimum amount of fuss from all parties involved.

A Guide to Creating the Right Co-Parenting Goals

Thankfully for this couple, both wanted to maintain a good relationship for the sake of their children and were on friendly terms. They worked together and figured out a healthy solution for their dilemma. Most people in co-parenting situations need to have precise arrangements to prevent miscommunication.

Following is a guide to help you get co-parenting goals to have a happy and stress-free summer.

  • Establish rules and guidelines for the summer 

The first step is setting ground rules for the summer holidays. Your discussions will revolve around: 

  • Establish how much time the kids will spend with each parent, and when 
  • Discuss the summer with your older kids who might have summer jobs or other plans 
  • Talk about details – will either parent take the kids abroad for a vacation? What will communication routines look like? 

So long as you’re aligned on the details, things should work out smoothly.

  • Discuss expectations for each other during the summer 

Kids are a crucial part of the discussion, but you also need to work with each other to make summer co-parenting a success. Discuss your former partner’s availability in case of emergencies and aspects you’d want them to cooperate on. 

If you’re newly divorced, it is best to agree on what to tell the kids when the questions come up. The more similar your answers are, the easier this transition will be for the children.

  • Agree on a plan for dividing parenting responsibilities 

During summers, kids have summer school, homework, sports practice, sleepovers, camps, just to name a few possible activities. Both parents need to pitch in to make this work, as the summer can be easier busier than the routine during the school year. Divide child care responsibilities reasonably to maintain balance. Both parents should participate in fun and routine activities.

  • Make time to talk and connect over the summer. 

Your connection with your children and alignment is essential, but so is your relationship. Have friendly conversations, ask about their health, and discuss any life updates you feel they need to know about.

  • Respect each other’s parenting decisions 

No two people will have the same theories about parenting, and this fact certainly applies to you and your ex-partner. They may be more relaxed about screen time but strict about curfews, while you believe the opposite.

Differences are okay, and it is important to trust each other’s parental instincts rather than question them. Step in if you feel their style negatively affects the child’s well-being, but otherwise, work with each other.

  • Have fun together as a family!

Above all, focus on enjoying your time together. You may no longer be in a relationship, but you share a co-parenting bond, and there is no reason why you can’t make that into a happy dynamic.