Tracking the Coronavirus: One Family’s Super Spreader Event

Tracking the Coronavirus: One Family’s Super Spreader Event

Children and teenagers frequently help spread the coronavirus

Children and teenagers who get the coronavirus tend to recover quickly, without lingering aftereffects. But here’s where it gets dangerous. Many of these children live in multigenerational families. Their own symptoms may be mild and short-lived, but when they pass the virus on to frail or vulnerable family members, it can have life-threatening consequences.

On the trail of infection that began with a 13-year old girl

According to CDC scientists, one 13-year-old girl became infected with the coronavirus just before an extended family gathering. Eleven other relatives, including her mother and father, two brothers and two grandparents, also became infected.

The potential for children to transmit the disease is well established

This girl was exposed to the coronavirus away from home in June. Four days after the exposure, a rapid antigen test reported a negative result. These antigen tests often produce erroneous results. Two days later, she experienced nasal congestion–her only Covid-19 symptom.

That same day, she, her parents and two brothers traveled to a family gathering that included 20 relatives over the course of three and a half weeks. Fourteen of them stayed in the five-bedroom, two-bathroom house for varying lengths of time, ranging from eight to 25 days. None wore a face mask or social distanced. Six other relatives visited but maintained physical distance and remained outdoors, though none wore a mask.

Twelve of 14 people came down with Covid-19

  • The onset of symptoms appeared up to 18 days after the start of the gathering.
  • Their ages ranged from 9 to 72.
  • The virus could have been spread by any of the people in the group.
  • One person was hospitalized and another went to the ER because of trouble breathing.
  • None of the day visitors—those who stayed outside the house–became ill.

Simple procedures that help keep us safe

“This scenario reemphasizes the need for basic public health precautions–even with people we know and love,” said Dr. Megan L. Ranney, a professor of emergency medicine at Brown who was not involved with the study.

Winter presents new challenges as we move indoors

Knowing or loving someone doesn’t keep that person from transmitting the virus.

  • Physical distancing, face mask use, and hand hygiene help prevent the spread of the coronavirus.
  • If you’re exposed to the coronavirus, you should remain isolated from others for 14 days.

A vaccine just around the corner? Highly unlikely

While the Trump administration keeps telling us that a vaccine is “just around the corner”, don’t count on it. Proving the safety and efficacy of a vaccine, managing its manufacture and distribution is likely a year away. Even if a vaccine is licensed, it may not be 100% effective, and we still may have to wear masks. This is a virus, and it mutates. This season’s vaccine may be less effective on next year’s viral strain.

Getting used to living with the uncertainty of the coronavirus

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