Too Busy to Get Divorced? Unlike DIY Services, We’re Here to Help You

Too Busy to Get Divorced? Unlike DIY Services, We’re Here to Help You

One of the ironies of divorce is that no matter how unhappy you and your spouse may be, it requires a significant effort to get even an uncontested divorce. A woman from Martinez who had filed for divorce more than a year ago recently came into California Document Preparers’ Walnut Creek office and wanted to know if we could help her. The court had sent her a laundry list of things she still needed to complete before she could finalize her divorce.

Like many Bay Area women, her life is a constant juggling act

She has two children under 12 who are involved in a variety of activities. She has a good job, but works long hours and her husband is unemployed. By the time she deals with her job, her kids and the demands of running her home, she’s exhausted and can’t seem to find time to deal with this list.

There were two immediate questions–we needed to know if she and her husband:

  1. Were agreeable to the divorce
  2. Had worked out a parenting plan for their two children

Disclosure: a listing of assets and liabilities

She and her husband agreed that they want a divorce, so she’s going to begin identifying their disclosures–essentially a listing of their assets and liabilities. Once she has completed this list of disclosures, she will review it with her husband so they agree that this is an accurate analysis of their financial status. The next step will be to determine how they will split their assets and share the responsibility for their debts.

Since there are two children, there must be a parenting plan

If there are children, there must be a parenting plan, and the more thought and care that goes into this, the more successful the parenting plan is going to be—and most important—the better chance the children will have of adjusting to the new family reality. In this case, they had tentatively worked out a parenting plan that disrupted their children’s existing routines as little as possible. 

We created a project plan and a timeline for the divorce to be finalized

We identified tasks, a timeline and responsibilities. We have interfaced with her a few times by phone, but this woman now knows exactly what she needs to do and has set a goal to be divorced by the first of the year. We were delighted to be able to provide the structure and accountability that got her back on track.

If you’ve been postponing your divorce because you’re simply too busy, California Document Preparers can help you work through the details, identify timelines and goals to finalize your divorce.