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In a New York Times article, two cousins shared their fears about COVID. One had a favor to ask. If she and husband both ended up extremely ill — or worse — would her cousin be willing to drive the 300 miles to her house and get her young sons. Sadly,...

Beginning Oct. 1, 2020, if you want to travel within the U.S. on a domestic--not international—flight, you will need the driver’s license/ID card known as a Real ID. Haven’t heard of the Real ID? Get in line. It's part of enhanced efforts to improve national security. Each state is responsible...

“Hello. This is the Internal Revenue Service. We’re calling about your 2017 tax returns. Please call us back as soon as you receive this message to avoid further penalties.” What? Who wouldn’t freak out when receiving a voicemail like this? We all get spam and scam phone calls. Most of them...

This is the time of year when we see a lot of new clients who are following up on their New Year’s resolutions to create or update their Living Trusts. But when was the last time you checked to see whom you named as the beneficiary on your retirement account, life insurance...

While many people still think Living Trusts are reserved for the elderly, a growing number of millennials are creating comprehensive estate plans these days, and there’s a range of socioeconomic drivers. Tech-worker wealth. No surprise here: This trend is most prevalent in tech-centric areas like Silicon Valley, where many young startup...

Regardless of how troubled a marriage may be, most couples want to be divorced; they rarely want to go through it. At California Document Preparers, we assist our clients with uncontested divorce, what we call amicable divorce--where couples agree on division of property and a parenting plan. Yet, given the emotional upheaval...

A man recently came into our Walnut Creek office with a Probate case. His father and stepmother had owned the family home as joint tenants. When his father died a few years earlier, his stepmother became the property owner. But now the stepmother had died and the ownership of the...