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Regardless of how troubled a marriage may be, most couples want to be divorced; they rarely want to go through it. At California Document Preparers, we assist our clients with uncontested divorce, what we call amicable divorce--where couples agree on division of property and a parenting plan. Yet, given the emotional upheaval...

Another summer is drawing to a close and it always comes too soon. Our vacations were invariably too short, the time with our friends and family too brief. Now we find ourselves shivering in the mornings as we get ready for work and evenings on our decks and patios have...

This is a case study from Valerie Jackson, in our Oakland office We recently helped a woman with divorce documents in our Oakland office. She told us she’d started the process on her own, figuring, “I’m a smart person, we’re not fighting, and these are just forms--how hard can this be?” The...

2015 was a banner year for celebrity divorces—Ben and Jen, Gwen and Gavin, Miranda and Blake. Shockingly, even Miss Piggy and Kermit are calling it quits. For celebrities, getting a divorce requires elaborate preparation. They work carefully with their publicists, planning the announcements months in advance to gain optimal exposure....

We all know people who’ve been through contentious divorces; couples who are fighting over child support, custody and assets need the best divorce attorneys money can buy. But for those who simply want to get a divorce, California Document Preparers provides an easy, cost-effective solution to divorce. We help many...

We had a very busy day today in our Walnut Creek location.  With two appointments and three walk-in notary appointments, it was “standing room only” by 11:00am.   Our divorce newspaper ads and NPR radio ads are yielding more divorce inquiries.  We are a very reasonable place for helping people with divorce...

If you would like to save money on your divorce, you may want to consider a friendly divorce. While the word "divorce" and the word "friendly" seem to be antonyms, many couples opt for a "friendly divorce" to save money and part on somewhat amicable terms. Also called an Uncontested...