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Husband and wife Paul and Sue have a sizable estate. At the same time, they are concerned that although they took the time to prepare a will, it will be subject to probate after they’re gone. Probate is the process of proving a will is valid. Once proven, the will guides an...

Many of us have seen the commercials touting the benefits of setting up a dynasty trust: “Let your fortune go on for generations to come, protect your kids from divorce, and protect your kids from creditors.” It sounds compelling, but what is a dynasty trust, and do you really need or even want...

PLUS: Read a sure-fire way to save 5% on CA Document Preparers’ products and services. It seems that few taxes are more galling to Americans than so-called “death taxes,” which are  taxes due on a person’s estate upon death. Why, at this time of grief, must the government bust  in and confiscate hard-earned...

There were so many estate planning mistakes made in the scenario I wrote about in my last posting.   First of all, it’s probably not wise to make an integral part of your planning the expectation that a child will always survive his or her parent.  Sure, it’s a likely expectation,...

Creating a trust isn't often one of the top things people want to do. However, as they age, setting up a trust is something everyone should do. While some people think working on this aspect of life is only a reminder that they will pass away in the future, a...

One of our clients had a recent situation with her aging parents which, unfortunately, is not uncommon. They had been proactive and had created a Living Trust some 20 years earlier, when they were in their 70s, still active and alert. When she went to visit them last winter, they...

Heed the lessons that others have learned the hard way. The bumps and bruises you will experience by not protecting your assets can be avoided by establishing a Living Trust.  We at California Document Preparers found this video extremely informative and wanted to share it with you all. ...