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There is frequently confusion about the role of the Executor who manages the family’s estate after the death of a parent. An article in The New York Times underscores the uncertainty and anxiety that an Executor may be experiencing. An “Executor” carries out a person's Will (common in New York...

The life-threatening coronavirus has completely upended our lives. Families with small children or elderly family members are feeling especially vulnerable. The result is more people feeling the need to create Living Trusts. We recently created a Living Trust for “Jim” and “Monica”. They’re in their late 30s with two kids—“Ben” is...

We talk a lot about Living Trusts as an important part of estate planning. What we don’t talk about is a Trust and your taxes. But if you’re creating a Trust, thinking about transferring property, or naming a Successor Trustee, taxes are an important consideration. This is about your, your...

A recently remarried client came in to our Walnut Creek office to name his new wife and daughter as beneficiaries for some of the assets he held in an individual Trust. The couple held the Walnut Creek home in which they lived as joint tenants, but he had other assets,...