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It’s been three months since we began sheltering in place. We assumed we’d be back to our happy little routines within a few weeks. How naïve we were. We now know that our happy little routines will be disrupted for a long time to come. Along the way we’ve learned that:   There’s...

Shelly and Doris were retired flight attendants who lived in Lafayette. They’d never met during their careers, but now that they were retired, they’d become great friends and loved to laugh and share stories over a glass of wine. When Shelly went into the hospital for routine surgery and died from...

Hundreds of thousands of Americans’ lives have been ruined by opioids From 1999-2017, nearly 400,000 people died from an overdose involving an opioid. On average, 130 Americans die every day from an opioid overdose. There are other opioid users who are fighting agonizing, lonely and often losing battles with their addition. An...

We all thought the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) was a done deal—that’s how naive we were. Proposed nearly a century ago, the ERA is periodically propelled forward. Some of us remember the National Organization for Women (NOW) passionately advocating for the ERA's passage in the 70s. But the clock ran...