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Eight out of every ten of us will have some form of dementia before we die. Here’s another stat that most of us likely don’t know. Two-thirds of the 5.8 million people in the U.S. who have Alzheimer's disease are women. By 2050, that number will zoom to nearly 14 million—and...

Meetings by Appointment Only COVID has affected us all on many levels. CDP has tried to stay nimble and adjust as circumstances have changed. Through it all, our biggest priority continues to be keeping everyone safe. As we officially reopen our business, we have learned that the safest way to serve our clients...

As millions of American families mourn and others suffer with the coronavirus and its aftereffects, fraudsters are rolling up their sleeves and polishing their skills to take advantage of the most vulnerable among us. These people are wily—they follow the headlines and adapt their messaging They model their scams to fit the...

The life-threatening coronavirus has completely upended our lives. Families with small children or elderly family members are feeling especially vulnerable. The result is more people feeling the need to create Living Trusts. We recently created a Living Trust for “Jim” and “Monica”. They’re in their late 30s with two kids—“Ben” is...

Every family right now is frightened by the magnitude of the coronavirus. They may be thinking about whether or not they should create a Living Trust. For those families with children under 18, an important part of our Trust package is the Will, where you can name a Guardian to...

We all thought the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) was a done deal—that’s how naive we were. Proposed nearly a century ago, the ERA is periodically propelled forward. Some of us remember the National Organization for Women (NOW) passionately advocating for the ERA's passage in the 70s. But the clock ran...