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How to Transfer a Title of Real Estate in California: A Guide for Property Owners California is known for its unique real estate market, and transferring a real estate title in the state requires specific knowledge and understanding of the process. The transfer of a title means transferring ownership from one...

When Marie walked into her local CDP office she was seeking assistance in creating a trust.  She and her husband have three grown children and two properties.  Marie wanted to make sure that if something should happen to her and her husband, the kids could take care of the properties...

Real estate titles can be tricky indeed, as Stan learned after waiting for 16 years after his  divorce to remove his ex-wife from the ownership records of his home and then adding his new  wife to the deed 14 years after his re-marriage. Oh...

There were so many estate planning mistakes made in the scenario I wrote about in my last posting.   First of all, it’s probably not wise to make an integral part of your planning the expectation that a child will always survive his or her parent.  Sure, it’s a likely expectation,...

The most interesting customer of the day today was a mother and her adult daughter who came in and asked for Probate assistance.  We’ll call them Mother and Daughter.  Mother’s mother (Grandmother) and Mother’s grandmother (Great-Grandmother) owned a home together as “joint tenants”.  Their situation raised a number of thorny...

Author: Simon Volkov A deed is used whenever real estate is purchased, traded, or sold. This document provides information about the property from the time of origination to present. Each time property exchanges hands a new deed must be recorded through the county recorder's office. The type...

Understanding joint ownership is important when it comes to protecting your assets as well as your loved ones. When you die, the way ownership of your real estate is set up will dictate whether your estate passes directly to your designated heirs or into Probate. There are several different ways you...