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A client recently came in to our Walnut Creek office to prepare her Living Trust. She’d been diagnosed with breast cancer, and while both she and her doctors were optimistic about her long-term prognosis, the disease created a sense of urgency, causing her to think about her life, her priorities...

Many of our clients are relieved to have finally completed their Living Trusts, but it may have been many years and life events ago that they created these legal documents. Something to keep in mind: a Trust is a Living document--there are many socioeconomic factors affecting our lives that need...

A couple, John and Joan, came into our Walnut Creek office to change the vesting on a deed. Vesting is the manner in which you hold title to your real estate as reflected on your deed. Proper vesting is required every time you file a deed, and includes Sole Ownership, Joint...

A newly married couple came in to our Walnut Creek office to update their deed. Before their marriage, they had bought their home together as a single man and woman. When they married, the wife took her husband’s last name, but the name on the deed still reflected her maiden...

There were so many estate planning mistakes made in the scenario I wrote about in my last posting.   First of all, it’s probably not wise to make an integral part of your planning the expectation that a child will always survive his or her parent.  Sure, it’s a likely expectation,...

Legal documents can be extremely complicated, especially if you are unfamiliar with all the legal terms included in these documents. When you need to make changes to your home title for any reason, it is important to hire a document specialist from California Document Preparers, or CDP, to help you...

Author: Simon Volkov A deed is used whenever real estate is purchased, traded, or sold. This document provides information about the property from the time of origination to present. Each time property exchanges hands a new deed must be recorded through the county recorder's office. The type...