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June is the month when wedding season gets into full swing, which means April is crunch time for wedding plans. Increasingly, those wedding plans include a Prenuptial Agreement. We read about celebrities and other wealthy individuals who wouldn’t dream of getting married without a carefully conceived Prenuptial Agreements to protect their...

Asking your fiance for a Prenuptial Agreement doesn’t have to spoil the romance and joy of your engagement. A Prenuptial Agreement is an excellent way to protect yourself and loved ones in the event of divorce or death. The key to a Prenuptial Agreement is to begin a dialog well...

What better way to express your love for one another than asking for a prenup. According to the article below: In the last 5 years there's been a 73% increase in prenups  52% reported more women requesting prenups  36% said pensions and retirement benefits are more commonly cited If you have an apartment and a paycheck...

There are a lot of misconceptions about what prenups, premarital agreements, and prenuptial agreements are and what they do. The first step in deciding whether you need a prenup or Premarital Agreement is understanding what it is. Basically, a Premarital Agreement (prenup) is a private contract that defines certain issues within...