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You may or may not make formal New Year’s resolutions, but many of us make little promises to ourselves--to spend more time with our families, to exercise more and eat a healthier diet. To tackle that old to-do list. Creating a Living Trust tops many to-do lists. After nearly two...

I recently came across David Brooks’s column in The New York Times asking his readers to define their purpose in life. While many were overachievers with lofty themes about changing the world, others found fulfillment in simply living and creating small, happy lives. I have always wanted to be kind One story...

Meet Wisconsin pulmonologist, Dr. Lynn D’Andrea. She knew something was wrong when three teenagers with mysterious, dangerous lung injuries came into the hospital gasping for air during a 4th of July weekend. Dr. D’Andrea noticed that those alarming cases followed those of another teen with matching symptoms. Her experience, along...

Lynda Faye had always looked forward to retirement. Time for gardening and her backyard art studio in Amherst, MA. She wanted to spend time with her grandchildren. To catch up on her reading, to slow down and enjoy life at a slower pace. One thing she never put on her...

Who remembers the Peace Corps? It was a government program, a way for mostly young volunteers to help others while expanding their own world views that goes back to the Kennedy administration. Volunteers served two years in foreign countries. But no one was assigned to Paris or London; rather, they...

If you’re creating a Living Trust, you'll need to access financial records and other important documents. End-of-life planning now will save future anxiety and stress This is important for your own family, but it may be even more critical for those who are caring for family members. A stunning 10,000 baby boomers...