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What Will Happen to Your Pet If You Die? Here's What You Need to Know! Have you ever wondered what would happen to your beloved pet if you unexpectedly passed away? This is a difficult question to consider, but it's critical to have a strategy in place so your beloved pet will...

What is Probate? If someone close to you dies and has a will, you might think everything will go smoothly, and assets will be distributed accordingly without any problems or questions. Unfortunately, that's not always the case. If a will is contested or there are debts to pay, the Probate process...

According to the CDC, those who have been vaccinated no longer need to wear masks in indoor settings. We’re still playing it safe, masking up and social distancing. And while we’ve gotten used to our Zoom meetings, the results of our recent survey indicated that many still prefer one-to-one communications....

Just as a Living Trust has become an important part of financial planning, a reverse mortgage can play a role in generating extra revenue for retired seniors. Reverse mortgages have been arounds since 1961, and they’ve always been somewhat controversial. Yet a reverse mortgage can be a real difference-maker for...

In April, 91-year old Minna Buck revised her Advance Healthcare Directive. She doesn’t want to be intubated if she becomes infected with COVID. Ms. Buck has done her research and knows she doesn’t want any part of intubation. She knows that even if she survived, the recovery would leave her...