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We’ve lived through some tough times. Many of us remember the way the Vietnam War, and Watergate tore our country apart. The 2008 recession eliminated many small businesses, and it took a few years for the rest of us to get back on our feet and begin to prosper. And...

Shelly and Doris were retired flight attendants who lived in Lafayette. They’d never met during their careers, but now that they were retired, they’d become great friends and loved to laugh and share stories over a glass of wine. When Shelly went into the hospital for routine surgery and died from...

With the coronavirus has come a new urgency to create estate planning documents. Those who are scheduling appointments don’t fit a stereotype. There are seniors, of course, but also those thinking about retirement, single adults and young families who want to provide a safety net for their children. Many of the...

During this health crisis that seems to grow in magnitude every day, parents have new concerns about life planning. In this time of uncertainty, many parents are creating Guardianships in case something should happen to them. Choosing a guardian may be one of the most difficult decisions you will make You’re identifying...

Meet Wisconsin pulmonologist, Dr. Lynn D’Andrea. She knew something was wrong when three teenagers with mysterious, dangerous lung injuries came into the hospital gasping for air during a 4th of July weekend. Dr. D’Andrea noticed that those alarming cases followed those of another teen with matching symptoms. Her experience, along...