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The holidays are over, and many Bay Area couples will begin working through the details of their Divorces. January historically has the highest number of Divorce filings. The paperwork, parenting plansand division of assets never get any easier. And this year, the changes from the GOP tax plan could add another layer...

Small business owners may be looking forward to a tax break in the new year. The GOP tax plan was hastily engineered and rolled out to benefit big corporations--not small business owners. Now a 20% deduction is available to entrepreneurs—but there are limits. You may qualify for the break if...

As if Divorce weren’t stressful enough, the GOP Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that was signed into law last December may be creating additional anxiety for divorcing couples. If you’re getting divorced or thinking about Divorce, you should absolutely be paying attention to these changes. Not understanding how they will affect...

If you and your spouse are thinking about Divorce, and if there’s a likelihood that your Divorce will include an alimony payment, it’s time to get busy. Last winter’s GOP Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will eliminate a tax break for alimony payments finalized after Dec. 31. Americans who finalize or modify...

While many of the changes to the GOP Tax Cuts and Jobs Act are geared toward corporations, big businesses and those who own them, a repeal of a deduction for alimony is an example of how the tax law will have consequences beyond the one percent. In some cases, the new...