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An important part of financial planning includes creating a Living Trust. It means that your family will inherit your assets as you have planned. Another kind of financial planning: Investing that aligns with your values Another kind of financial planning that has grown dramatically over the last few years is socially responsible...

Just as a Living Trust has become an important part of financial planning, a reverse mortgage can play a role in generating extra revenue for retired seniors. Reverse mortgages have been arounds since 1961, and they’ve always been somewhat controversial. Yet a reverse mortgage can be a real difference-maker for...

I used to share office space with a bunch of Canadian software developers, and they were nuts about hockey. It got really wild when the Stanley cup playoffs rolled around in the spring. They were contemptuous of Americans who called it “ice hockey”. For them there is only “hockey”. Those...

I just read about a taxpayer (in this case, we’re using the term loosely), whom we’ll call Victor. He has a good job, has raised three kids and put them all through college. He saves for retirement. His taxes are regularly withheld from his paycheck, so there are probably no...

Peter Rothstein likes that his job has a social purpose. It expands clean energy to mitigate climate change. Best of all, he will soon be able to support that mission in his retirement plan. Socially conscious investing is gaining ground. Identifying 401k offerings that support environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors The...

The government is responding to statistics showing that current generations are not saving for retirement. Unlike their thrifty parents, many baby boomers are alarmingly ill-prepared for retirement. Many other employees are more focused on present financial needs than future ones. The implications of generations of people who are unable to...

A daughter and sibling steps up to bear a heavy load Let’s step into Sharon’s shoes. She’s the sister of Andy, who is developmentally disabled. Their elderly parents now count on Sharon’s help for shopping, getting to doctor appointments and overseeing their financial affairs. Sharon lives the closest to their parents, so...