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We talk a lot about Living Trusts as an important part of estate planning. What we don’t talk about is a Trust and your taxes. But if you’re creating a Trust, thinking about transferring property, or naming a Successor Trustee, taxes are an important consideration. This is about your, your...

Few pop stars have endured or left a legacy as diverse and successful as that of David Bowie. He died last week of liver cancer, just two days after his 69th birthday and the release of his latest album, Blackstar. He was inventive and cutting edge; the fans who transcended...

PLUS: Read a sure-fire way to save 5% on CA Document Preparers’ products and services. It seems that few taxes are more galling to Americans than so-called “death taxes,” which are  taxes due on a person’s estate upon death. Why, at this time of grief, must the government bust  in and confiscate hard-earned...

Creating your Estate Plan is a big first step in protecting your assets and your loved ones. But that plan will only do some good if it's kept updated and your family knows where to find it. Here are few tips to ensure that your estate plan is always working...