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California Document Preparers’ comprehensive Living Trust package includes a section for listing contact information for key service providers--your doctors, financial advisors, CPA, pharmacy, etc. We want you to be thinking about those people your spouse or children would need to contact in an emergency or if something happened to you. We...

Hospice is a topic that frequently surfaces when it comes to discussions about Living Trusts and end-of-life care. With our large, aging babyboomer population and potential for profIt, the hospice industry has exploded over the last few years, yet it remains largely unregulated, and the level of care varies significantly...

This was the year that old age caught up with my 94-year old mother and 89-year old stepfather. I visited in January, and while they were still able to live independently, we knew the move to assisted or nursing care was imminent. Proximity drove our Power of Attorney selection We are four children...

David Sayen, Your Turn: Contra Costa Times Coping with terminal illness can be difficult, both for patients and their loved ones. Medicare and hospice Hospice is a program of care and support for people who are terminally ill. The focus is on comfort, not on curing an illness. Hospice is intended to...

Creating your Estate Plan is a big first step in protecting your assets and your loved ones. But that plan will only do some good if it's kept updated and your family knows where to find it. Here are few tips to ensure that your estate plan is always working...