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Hospice is a topic that frequently surfaces when it comes to discussions about Living Trusts and end-of-life care. With our large, aging babyboomer population and potential for profIt, the hospice industry has exploded over the last few years, yet it remains largely unregulated, and the level of care varies significantly...

End-of-life documents, an important part of California Document Preparers’ services, often lead to discussions about related issues. October’s passage of the End of Life Options Act, or the Physician-Assisted Suicide Law as it is called by its detractors, promises to remain controversial after it becomes law in January 2016. Proponents...

There is often a resistance to creating a Living Trust because let’s face it--it’s uncomfortable talking about end-of-life documents, death and loss. Many of us boomers know we should be talking to our aging parents about a Living Trust, but we are reluctant to broach an unpleasant topic, especially if...

There were so many estate planning mistakes made in the scenario I wrote about in my last posting.   First of all, it’s probably not wise to make an integral part of your planning the expectation that a child will always survive his or her parent.  Sure, it’s a likely expectation,...

The most interesting customer of the day today was a mother and her adult daughter who came in and asked for Probate assistance.  We’ll call them Mother and Daughter.  Mother’s mother (Grandmother) and Mother’s grandmother (Great-Grandmother) owned a home together as “joint tenants”.  Their situation raised a number of thorny...

End-of-life medical decisions can be difficult for everyone, especially when the person involved can no longer make his wishes known. By completing an advance healthcare directive, you can make your wishes known regardless of your future physical or mental state. Such a document also removes the pressure of decision making...