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My longtime friend Christine grew up in the Chicago and most of her large extended family are still firmly rooted in the Midwest. Thanksgiving has always been the time her family gathered. Much more than Christmas, this is the time for tradition—the same favorite recipes—no deviation, ever. Annual walks along...

Those of us who grew up in small towns understand the ritual of leaving home to pursue our dreams on a bigger, more exciting stage. But sociologists are tracking a new trend. According to a New York Times article, people are returning to their roots--often to those small towns that they...

Children and teenagers frequently help spread the coronavirus Children and teenagers who get the coronavirus tend to recover quickly, without lingering aftereffects. But here’s where it gets dangerous. Many of these children live in multigenerational families. Their own symptoms may be mild and short-lived, but when they pass the virus on...

If your kids need help, these are the documents you may need Sending kids off to school in the fall has always been an important ritual that marks the changing seasons. It’s an exciting time for kids: A time for learning, social development and a growing independence. Parents are just glad...

We’re six months into this miserable disease and there’s little to feel good about. Yet stories emerge of truly heroic people who are manning soup kitchens, putting in 14-hour days in healthcare facilities and fueling supply chains to help save lives. Now independent groups have come together as “Frontline Foods”. An...

The life-threatening coronavirus has completely upended our lives. Families with small children or elderly family members are feeling especially vulnerable. The result is more people feeling the need to create Living Trusts. We recently created a Living Trust for “Jim” and “Monica”. They’re in their late 30s with two kids—“Ben” is...

We want all of our clients to know that we remain open throughout this period Our offices are open and we’ve instituted stringent sanitation procedures that include masks and gloves. We’re also permitting just one set of clients in our offices at a time and following the six-foot distancing guidelines. We’re also...