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Clients frequently come in to our offices seeking to get a Power of Attorney and Advanced Healthcare Directive for a parent who is suffering some degree of dementia. In many cases, one parent has died, and the remaining parent is no longer able to manage his/her financial matters or make...

Those who remember Casey Kasem, the irrepressible host and co-founder of several music radio countdown programs, most notably American Top 40, was also a music historian, actor and did voiceover commercials. Kasem was 82 when he died in 2014 from complications from Parkinson’s disease. Wife barred family from visiting or speaking...

Conservator of the Person Last spring, millions of Joni Mitchell fans were shocked to learn of her collapse in her Bel Air home. Mitchell, whose popularity spans generations and demographics, was rushed to UCLA Medical Center, and there were conflicting reports about her health, that she might have a mysterious condition...

Joni Mitchell fans were shocked to learn of her collapse in her Bel Air home in early April. The prolific singer/songwriter has released 19 original albums and received eight Grammy Awards over a career that spans more than 50 years. The fans who love listening to iconic songs like Both...

A woman came in to our Oakland office seeking our assistance creating a Conservatorship for her 89-year-old father. His situation had escalated to the point where someone needed to step in and manage all aspects of his life. He was very frail and needed more oversight than he was getting at...

In April of this year, Bill Schaaf, owner of our Walnut Creek store, met with the social workers from Kaiser hospital in Richmond. hey wanted to meet someone who can assist their clients with conservatorships. When children with disabilities reach the age of 18, parents are no longer legally responsible...