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End-of-life documents, an important part of California Document Preparers’ services, often lead to discussions about related issues. October’s passage of the End of Life Options Act, or the Physician-Assisted Suicide Law as it is called by its detractors, promises to remain controversial after it becomes law in January 2016. Proponents...

When my 74-year-old neighbor, Marian, announced that she had pancreatic cancer, it was in her typically stoic British manner, “Oh, I’m afraid I have a bit of bad news.” Her cancer had metastasized and her doctors told her she had six months to live. I was stunned—Marian ate organic, hiked...

A brother and sister came into our Oakland office, seeking our advice on what to do about their mother, who had just been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. They were most concerned about getting an Advance Healthcare Directive and Power of Attorney so they could make decisions for their mother once she...

This was the year that old age caught up with my 94-year old mother and 89-year old stepfather. I visited in January, and while they were still able to live independently, we knew the move to assisted or nursing care was imminent. Proximity drove our Power of Attorney selection We are four children...