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California Document Preparers is working with a lot of business owners these days who are upgrading their business entities. Their Sole Proprietorships served them well for the first few years, but as they’ve grown and hired a team, leasing office space in some cases, they’ve become very aware that they...

A family of CPAs recently came in to our Oakland office to create a Business Formation Package. The father had been practicing in the Bay Area for more than 30 years and both his son and daughter had followed him into the accounting business. It had always been his dream...

After a long recession, it’s a relief to see economic recovery. One way we measure small business growth at California Document Preparers is with the number of people coming into our offices to change their business entity from that of a sole proprietorship to that of a corporation. Many of...

The time of year for new beginnings With the improved economy, many people are finding that the time is right to start their own businesses. There are myriad decisions, including identifying a company name and business entity, or structure. A corporate or LLC-type business entity is separate and distinct from its...

The owners of two small CPA firms, both sole proprietors, recently came into our office to talk to us about forming a new business relationship. One owner had built a specialty working with contractors; the other was an expert in personal and business tax planning. They wanted to merge their...

Business owners choose to have their business incorporated to protect themselves and their personal assets from liability. The most compelling reason that businesses decide to incorporate is the protection it provides against lawsuits, losses and debts. A corporation can still be sued, but the people in the corporation are not...

When beginning a business, you must decide what form of business entity to establish. Your form of business determines the amount of regulatory paperwork you have to file, your personal liability regarding investments into your business, and the taxes you have to pay. There are many types of corporate entities....