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There is frequently confusion about the role of the Executor who manages the family’s estate after the death of a parent. An article in The New York Times underscores the uncertainty and anxiety that an Executor may be experiencing. An “Executor” carries out a person's Will (common in New York...

The government is responding to statistics showing that current generations are not saving for retirement. Unlike their thrifty parents, many baby boomers are alarmingly ill-prepared for retirement. Many other employees are more focused on present financial needs than future ones. The implications of generations of people who are unable to...

Sometimes death has a way of bringing out the worst in families. The death of a parent and the subsequent efforts to settle the estate can renew old rivalries among siblings. Ask those who grew up in dysfunctional families, and they’ll tell you that just because they’re older doesn’t mean...

John’s father died unexpectedly in 2012, and he never quite got around to creating a Will or documenting his assets and their locations. The result? Five years later, John, our client, is still trying to finish probating his father’s estate. It has required a monumental detective effort to identify his father’s...

When our Living Trusts clients get to the part about naming a Successor Trustee, it means they’re nearly finished. They’ll quickly write down the name of their brilliant scientist daughter who lives in Boston whom they rarely see or their dreamy artist son who lives right here in the Bay...