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How to Transfer a Title of Real Estate in California: A Guide for Property Owners California is known for its unique real estate market, and transferring a real estate title in the state requires specific knowledge and understanding of the process. The transfer of a title means transferring ownership from one...

According to the CDC, those who have been vaccinated no longer need to wear masks in indoor settings. We’re still playing it safe, masking up and social distancing. And while we’ve gotten used to our Zoom meetings, the results of our recent survey indicated that many still prefer one-to-one communications....

It’s been three months since we began sheltering in place. We assumed we’d be back to our happy little routines within a few weeks. How naïve we were. We now know that our happy little routines will be disrupted for a long time to come. Along the way we’ve learned that:   There’s...

We’ve lived through some tough times. Many of us remember the way the Vietnam War, and Watergate tore our country apart. The 2008 recession eliminated many small businesses, and it took a few years for the rest of us to get back on our feet and begin to prosper. And...

As millions of American families mourn and others suffer with the coronavirus and its aftereffects, fraudsters are rolling up their sleeves and polishing their skills to take advantage of the most vulnerable among us. These people are wily—they follow the headlines and adapt their messaging They model their scams to fit the...

Every family right now is frightened by the magnitude of the coronavirus. They may be thinking about whether or not they should create a Living Trust. For those families with children under 18, an important part of our Trust package is the Will, where you can name a Guardian to...

In a New York Times story, former Justice Sandra Day O’Connor’s husband, suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, has a romance with another woman, and the former Justice is thrilled. She visits with the new couple while they hold hands on the porch swing. It’s a relief to see her husband of...