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Many of us are caring for--or know someone who is caring for--a family member, often an aging parent. With 10,000 baby boomers turning 70 every day, caring for this demographic is a growing health care matter, and it’s only time before it becomes a political issue. Let’s take a look...

The baby boomers--that big, bold generation that marched, protested, innovated and made things happen--are leaving another legacy. That of debt. The boomers, unlike their frugal parents before them, have not done a very good job of preparing for retirement. The number of senior households with debt increased from about 44% in...

Older workers who feel threatened by millennials in the workplace just received more bad news. A federal law barring age discrimination in employment applies only to those currently employed--not those new applicants who may be applying for a job. Seeking candidates with no more than seven years of experience The plaintiff in the...

"Medicare policy has not kept up with the times.” This, according to Oregon Senator Ron Wyden, one of the authors of bipartisan legislation advocating expanded services through Medicare Advantage. California seniors who qualify will be able to get additional services such as help with chores, safety devices and respite for...

Susan Beauregard, 49, dreads talking with her 89-year-old mother about what to do with her mom’s treasured set of Lenox china. Ms. Beauregard never uses her own set of Lenox and has even less use for another set. “Mom’s Lenox will sit in a cupboard next to mine.” Her mom...

Robert Metoli, 57, worked for eight years as a skilled technician at Lee Spring, a small Brooklyn manufacturer. His job required his standing all day and it took a toll; debilitating back pain meant he would have to quit a job he liked. The company’s CEO didn’t want to lose...