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Sally Clark is 62 and unemployable. She’s savvy, high-energy and at the top of her game, an expert in branding. She would love to be working but can’t find a job. “I worked in corporate America for more than 40 years with big-name companies. But I cannot get a job--the...

The employment landscape for those 60 and older According to Inc. Magazine, there are now more than 76,000,000 Americans reaching the age of 60 and beyond, “and it seems they either can’t or don’t want to stop working.” An article in The Atlantic points out that employment in America of those aged 65...

Many employers have been happily leveraging Facebook’s detailed demographic data to target exclusively younger candidates in their job ads. The result? Once again, Facebook has found itself in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. In this case, the company was the focus of an age discrimination lawsuit These detailed data fields...

Older workers who feel threatened by millennials in the workplace just received more bad news. A federal law barring age discrimination in employment applies only to those currently employed--not those new applicants who may be applying for a job. Seeking candidates with no more than seven years of experience The plaintiff in the...