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November is the month we get serious about prepping for winter--and that includes our annual flu shots. And for those with underlying medical conditions, those who live and/or work in high-risk environments, and those over 65, it’s also time to get a Covid booster shot. For those who qualify, make it...

A year of Covid has left us all feeling more vulnerable. We can do everything right, yet sometimes it’s not enough. At Guideway, many of our clients took action by creating or updating their Living Trusts. Couples approaching retirement are making important life decisions. Will they age in place, move...

It was just a year ago that California’s independent contractors, or gig workers, kicked off the year wondering how to either leverage or circumvent AB5, the law intended to give them workplace benefits. Lawmakers assumed that companies would comply with this new law and convert those gig jobs into full-time...

We’re all uneasy as we face the biggest health challenge of our lifetimes. Despite stringent safety precautions, this remains a highly contagious disease, and we’re all feeling vulnerable. Many people are feeling the urgency to create estate planning documents. But estate planning isn’t only about what happens after a loved one’s death Estate...

We talk a lot about Living Trusts as an important part of estate planning. What we don’t talk about is a Trust and your taxes. But if you’re creating a Trust, thinking about transferring property, or naming a Successor Trustee, taxes are an important consideration. This is about your, your...