Staying Safe: Still My Most Important Job

Staying Safe: Still My Most Important Job

From the initial Covid lockdown in March 2020, my most important job has been keeping my team and our clients safe. Happily, I’ve been successful. I acted quickly, creating a virtual work model that allowed us to continue serving our clients. The unexpected outcome was that everyone seemed to like this new remote process. Clients didn’t have to leave home, and my team found that the Zoom intake process was much more efficient. I believe that we continued to meet the needs of our clients.


We’re starting to feel like there’s an end to this austerity

Many of our clients have had both vaccines and are feeling liberated. Many more can’t wait for their second shot. In a matter of weeks, vaccinations will be available to everyone. As we look forward to spring, we’re all eager to put this year behind us.


According to The New York Times Covid infection tracker, at least 487 new coronavirus deaths and 45,582 new cases were reported in the U.S. on March 28. That’s a 15% increase in just two weeks. California is adding around 2,600 cases a day. These numbers are especially concerning when we read about the new mutant strains that are surfacing. We are taking this very seriously, and I want to assure our clients that we are continuing to follow strict Covid protocols.


I want to assure our clients that we are continuing to follow strict Covid protocols

We’re still masking up and wiping down surfaces. Signings and meetings are by appointment only. In this way we can ensure that we’re social distancing.


If you’ve spent most of 2020 at home, I hope this message assures you that we haven’t let up; we’re making our office and our process as safe as possible for every client. That remains my most important job.


My Best,

Ian Duncan