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We helped a Berkeley couple, “Brad” and “Sonya”, get a Legal Separation four years ago. They’d been married for eight years and had two young children. Their relationship had become increasingly troubled, yet they were not ready for Divorce; rather, they believed that taking the steps to legally separate was...

A young father from Alamo, “Charlie”,  came in to the Walnut Creek office to get more information about our uncontested Divorce process. He wanted to know how we worked with our clients, how much the Divorce would cost and how long it would take. This is something that happens fairly...

Case Study by Bill Schaaf, Walnut Creek Divorce is never easy, but a recent Divorce for a Walnut Creek client was finalized in six months. This relatively simple  solution went a long way towards helping our client get on with her life. “Zoe”, who lives in Pleasant Hill, came in to our...

The first of the year is when we reluctantly resume our normal routines after the excesses of the holidays, with kids home from school and lots of family time. Maybe too much family time for some couples. Psychologists and divorce lawyers tell us that January-February has become a very busy...