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This story is a cautionary tale, an example of the potentially costly consequences of well-intentioned efforts from a family member. Barbara Theobald, who has worked in our Walnut Creek office for more than eight years, was contacted by “Sherry”, a previous Living Trust client. Sherry needed assistance solving a dilemma with...

This case study is a cautionary tale, and unfortunately, we see this kind of situation all too often. It highlights the importance of what is called vesting, or the way in which title to a Deed is held. It seems like a small thing, but a Deed is the legal...

A woman, “Joan”, recently came into our Oakland office to talk to us about adding the names of her longtime partner and her daughter to the Deed for her home. As with many of our clients, health issues had caused her to think about succession planning. Joan had recently had...

Case Study by Barbara Theobald, Walnut Creek At California Document Preparers, we do a lot of deed transfers. There was a time when title companies helped people with these transfers, but they no longer offer this service except for those who have purchased property and are going through escrow with the...

Case Study From Barbara Theobald, Walnut Creek I recently received a phone call from a client whom I’ve helped every year for the past few years. She and her husband live in Berkeley and own a number of California properties. Every year they gift a percentage of four of these properties to...

Case Study from Bill Schaaf, Walnut Creek One of our clients, an unmarried man with two grown children wanted to create a Revocable Living Trust. He thought he owned two properties with his brother, and he wanted to make sure his children inherited his half of these properties when he died. We...

Case Study From Ian A woman in our Oakland office needed help with her real-estate situation. Her husband had died and his name needed to be removed from the title of her home. Sounds easy, right? Usually when a husband and wife hold title together, it’s very easy to clear the title after...