Nothing Says “I Love You” like a Prenup!

Nothing Says “I Love You” like a Prenup!

What better way to express your love for one another than asking for a prenup.

According to the article below:

  • In the last 5 years there’s been a 73% increase in prenups 
  • 52% reported more women requesting prenups 
  • 36% said pensions and retirement benefits are more commonly cited

If you have an apartment and a paycheck it wouldn’t be necessary, but for any investments such as a house or retirement fund, you may want to look into the option of a prenup. The recession has driven more couples to seek out premarital agreements as protection from financial harm. 

“Because of the economic climate, people are hesitant to get into a relationship that could affect their credit scores or expose them to debt collection,” said Bez in the article. Basically, they are trying to protect themselves from their partner’s debts. If in the event you do file for divorce a prenup will make the divorce less of a hassle.

California  Document Preparers is also seeing an increase in prenuptial agreements. Many couples are hesitant, at first, but we are skilled at making them feel comfortable.