Just Divorced: What’s Next?

Just Divorced: What’s Next?

Coming to the realization that it’s time to end your marriage and going through the divorce process is emotionally and mentally stressful. The relief of signing final documents or receiving the judgment can be immense, but it’s important to note that resolution may not be 100 percent complete. Financial and family matters often continue long after the divorce is complete.

Dealing with the Mortgage

Many Uncontested Divorces simply act to dissolve the marriage; details like debt and mortgages may need to be worked out separately. Many couples decide to divide debt in a fair way, but this gets more complicated when it comes to the family home.

Economics often means that couples must sell their home

If they’ve build up a lot of equity, they can pay off the mortgage and split the remaining money. If either spouse is in a position to refinance the mortgage under his or her name, this is another option. Unfortunately, in the Bay Area, it often takes two incomes to be able to buy a home; with only one person contributing to the monthly mortgage payment, this may prove too much of a financial commitment.

Custody, Child Support, and Visitation: creating a parenting plan that has some flexibility

It’s important to create a parenting plan that builds in some flexibility. As children grow, their needs may change; custody, support, or visitation arrangements that work now may not work in the future. Leaving room in divorce agreements for renegotiation of these arrangements is best for everyone, especially in uncontested and civil situations.

Experts recommend that parents set aside their own emotions and work together to be flexible and do what’s best for each child. This could mean giving up a visitation weekend when the child has an event planned or changing custody arrangements in a few years if the situation with a different spouse is in the best interest of the child.

Cooperation is Essential

Just as an Uncontested Divorce may be the most efficient and least emotionally laden way of dissolving your marriage, continued cooperation can increase post-divorce quality of life for everyone involved. If you have financial, property or family ties, you can’t divorce your spouse and simply forget that he or she exists. Continued cooperation in the years following your divorce will reduce credit problems and ensure that your entire family is able to move on with life in a positive direction.

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