Guideway Dublin: A Time to Say Goodbye

Guideway Dublin: A Time to Say Goodbye

In 2000, California enacted new legislation authorizing non-lawyers to prepare legal documents for people performing their own legal work. Recognizing an important opportunity to make straightforward legal matters like Living Trusts and Divorce affordable to more people, Tom and Sue Goehring became licensed Legal Document Preparers and opened the Dublin office in 2003.

And now Tom and Sue Goehring, owners of the Dublin office, are retiring

Tom and Sue have become a fixture in their Dublin community and have steadily grown their business throughout the Tri-Valley area. Tom and Sue are recognized for supporting local programs and activities. More than 60% of their business has come from referrals and repeat customers. Longtime clients will remember the historic mementoes and what had to be the area’s biggest, friendliest dog that greeted them.

What’s next for Tom and Sue?

Tom and Sue are looking forward to a more relaxed routine, more family and friends, volunteering, and post-Covid travel.

“We are very grateful to the many wonderful Tri-Valley friends we have made over the past 18+ years. We wish we could say goodbye to each of you personally, but we want to assure you that you will remain in the hands of the “Guideway” family of offices in Walnut Creek and Oakland. Val Watterson will continue to work in conjunction with the other offices. To have a successful business that has assisted so many people has been very fulfilling.”

Dublin’s legal document customers

Guideway will maintain a presence in the Tri-Valley area, and like everyone else over the past two years, we’ve become skilled at working virtually. We look forward to continuing to assist you with your legal matters.

Our best to Tom and Sue.