Divorce in the New Year? Inspiring Stories of Coming Back Stronger

Divorce in the New Year? Inspiring Stories of Coming Back Stronger

The American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers tells us that the number of Divorce filings are one third higher than normal in the month of January. Not hard to figure out why. Too many people make silent promises that they’ll never spend another year—and most of all—another holiday, with their current spouses.

It takes hard-hearted parents to leave during the holidays, so they don’t

They wait until January, “Divorce Month”. But it’s still November, and while we’re just ratcheting up to the holidays—many people are absolutely miserable, secretly planning their escapes. While Divorce will be emotional and disruptive, take inspiration from a few New York Times readers who moved on from their divorces—stronger, happier and more capable!

  • Twelve years after a difficult divorce, I look back with pride at the life I’ve built. I went back to graduate school, built a career and kept the house and maintained it beautifully. Took trips around the world with my girls and taught them how to be strong independent women.
  • I relish each small successful repair, every picture hung perfectly, done by me with no screaming or worsened damage. I never felt as good sitting in a psychiatrist’s office as I do now when I’ve selected just the right drill bit to mount that anchor.
  • Six years ago, I left a 30-year marriage and was terrified I would not know how to handle things — an apartment, finances, car repairs, caps on jars. All this fear, despite holding a demanding job. I learned how to use tools and fix things, and it was so satisfying. Now I know I can handle anything on my own.
  • One very capable woman tells her story. Last fall, when local infections were sky high, the firewood still needed to be cut and split and family couldn’t come help me — so out I went. I felled over a dozen trees, cut everything into pieces, got it all back to my house, and split all the logs into firewood.
  • A single dad weighs in. After the divorce I stayed in the marital home, took on shared custody and relished the opportunity to prove to both myself and my girls (and my son) that I could manage both a taxing job and being a good dad as well as a passable “mom”. It was a hectic period with very long days and short nights, but boy, was it worth it!

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Guideway has been assisting Bay Area couples with their Divorces for nearly 20 years. If you and your spouse can reach agreement on division of assets and liabilities and a parenting plan, you don’t need an attorney, and we can save you a significant amount of money.

Divorce can seem overwhelming, but it’s a very methodical process

If you can figure out division of assets, you don’t need a lawyer, and we can save you a lot of money. Most of our clients may not have worked out the details, but they know they are willing to reach agreement—and that’s the critical component of an amicable Divorce.

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These snapshots are from the New York Times Interactive Readers Divorce Rebuild