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Fees and Court Costs


Guideway’s fee to help a couple with Mediation is a flat fee of $2,400.

You may also choose to pay in 4 monthly installments of $650 each.

This includes:

  • Mediation with a Guideway dedicated Divorce specialist who will guide you through the Divorce process.
  • Ten hours of Mediation time.
  • Preparation of all of the legal documents and filing them with the courts.
  • Preparation of the comprehensive Marital Settlement Agreement.
  • This level of service is appropriate for a couple who wishes to work on all aspects of their matter together.

Guideway’s fee to help an individual with Divorce is a flat fee of $1,850.

You may also choose to pay in 4 monthly installments of $500 each.

This includes:

  • Preparation of all of the legal documents for an uncontested divorce and filing them with the courts.
  • This level of service provides service to only one spouse.  You would consider this option if you have a straightforward situation and are handling the matter for both parties.

The court’s $435 filing fee to establish your case is in addition to our fees.

If you select the monthly payment option, you will pay by credit card.  After your initial payment, you’ll receive an automatic charge each month for three successive monthly payments.

What Do Lawyers Charge for Divorce?

We are not attorneys, which is why our fees are very reasonable.
We cannot provide you with legal advice.  We do recommend conferring with your own consulting attorneys, and we will provide you with referrals to good  outside mediation-friendly lawyers as needed.

According to DivorceNet, published by Nolo, a typical divorce costs $7,000. That fee is subjective and depends on your family’s circumstances and ability to reach equitable solutions without extensive intervention by your attorney. For a Divorce that’s highly contested and requires litigation, that price will rise accordingly.

In DivorceNet’s survey, for the majority of those who hired divorce lawyers, these lawyers handled their entire cases—called “full-scope” representation. They paid an average of $11,300 in total attorney fees. Note that this is the fee for just one spouse. There will be a separate attorney for the other spouse at an additional $7,000. That puts the divorce in the neighborhood of $15,000 if we’re using the $7K median estimate. Compare that with Guideway’s $2,500.

“Full-scope” Representation

Full-scope means that their attorneys are handling their entire cases. Keep in mind that the burden will still be on you to gather the paperwork for all of your financials. It ultimately will be you who will decide on a Parenting Plan. If you’re having trouble reaching consensus on a Parenting Plan and spousal support, and an attorney has to intervene, that attorney will charge by the hour.

If however, you and your spouse can work through these details and reach resolution, you will save a lot of money—money you’re going to need as you set up your new lives as single parents on a single income.

Can Divorce Mediation Work for You?

Women, Divorce and the Economic Realities

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