Guided Divorce


Guideway has helped hundreds of couples get divorced. Most of these are amicable Divorces, where couples are able to reach agreement on division of property and a parenting plan. They don’t need an attorney, and we can save them a significant amount of money. Best of all, we guide them through each step of the Divorce process.

Many couples realize that they are making big decisions that will affect the rest of their lives and they know they need additional help. Or, worse, they can’t reach agreement on some of their issues. Child custody and support, alimony and other financial matters can present significant hurdles for divorcing couples, even if they are working together in a spirit of amity. It’s emotional and stressful. There’s a lot at stake, and many couples find themselves completely stalled.

Many couples get a reality check when they start researching the cost of two divorce attorneys at $350+/hour. Couples who are still on good terms look for alternative solutions.

Guided Divorce with Guideway

Guideway is an experienced, neutral third party who guides divorcing couples through the issues that have stalled their divorce, helping them reach a mutually acceptable resolution. There’s no judge, no winning or losing. Instead, our Guided Divorce is based on the principles of negotiation, open-mindedness, and compromise.

Prioritize Issues Most Important to You

  • What can’t you live without?  It may be your house–your biggest asset that keeps appreciating, and the place your kids call home.
  • What will you give up to keep it?  Retirement benefits? Long-term financial support?

Each couple sets their own pace. The process can take as long as necessary. Our skilled guides help couples divide their assets and work through custody matters to reach mutually agreeable solutions. In many cases, it improves communication between spouses—something they’re going to need as they share parenting responsibilities in the years ahead.

Guided Divorce Is Completely Confidential

Guideway manages all the legal documents and files them with the courts. We’re here for our clients, from the initial meeting through settlement. Whether amicable Divorce or Guided Divorce, our dedicated team assists our clients with every step. We’re here for you.

The Guided Divorce process cannot be started online.  Please contact us for assistance.

Otherwise, you can begin the process for our Amicable Divorce service here.

Amicable Divorce

Have you put your Divorce and your life on hold because you can’t afford an attorney? Let us help.

Contact us today and let our dedicated Family Law specialists help you with your Uncontested Divorce.