Divorce Options

Amicable Divorce

The divorce process is systematic. Either you or your spouse will serve the other with a petition, which we file with the court. You will need to exchange detailed financial information that includes both assets and debts. You also will need to agree on a parenting plan. We are available for questions throughout the process. Our team is compassionate, knowledgeable, and responsive.

Guided Divorce

Despite good intentions, sometimes the Divorce process stalls. It may be that a couple can’t agree on an equitable division of property or child support. Or perhaps you have no areas of apparent disagreement, but you are just overwhelmed and need additional support with all the various decisions. In these cases, our Guided Divorce becomes a more comprehensive and appropriate divorce solution.  We will meet together in an atmosphere of cooperation and mutual respect. Both parties must be our clients and must be willing to listen and compromise.  Over the course of a regimented process, we will guide you through the entire process and help you come to a satisfactory mediated conclusion.

The Guided Divorce process cannot be started online.  Please contact us for assistance.

Otherwise, you can begin the process for our Amicable Divorce service here.

Amicable Divorce

Steps for Amicable and Guided Divorce

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    A divorce starts with a petition that is written by one spouse and served to the other.  We file the petition with the court in the county where at least one of you lives.

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    The petition must be “served” or delivered to the other spouse either in person or by mail following specific procedures, which we handle for you in a peaceful manner. When you and your spouse are collaborating in the divorce process, no one will show up at your job to deliver your papers.

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    At this point, a couple needs to collaborate on a comprehensive financial overview, identifying assets and liabilities, expenses, and income. You’ll need to look at pay stubs, tax returns, and account statements. You’ll want to examine the long-term implications of earning power, retirement accounts, or pensions and reach an equitable division of assets. If there are children, a detailed parenting plan that includes custody and ongoing parenting responsibilities is required.

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    We prepare a comprehensive Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage, which reflects your agreements regarding support, property division, custody, visitation, and support of minor children. Both spouses sign and notarize the Judgment, and we submit it to the court.

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