Customer Stories: Joe Contemplates Divorce

Customer Stories: Joe Contemplates Divorce

Divorce is a scary proposition, bursting with unknowns and steeped in horror stories of 

lives traumatized and bank accounts annihilated. 

With three children, a home, and eight years of marriage at stake, Joe knew that the risks in the 

divorce he and his wife were contemplating were substantial. Deep down though, Joe knew 

that an ending does not necessarily have to be tragic. And it also does not have to be tragically 

expensive. Acting on these instincts, Joe sent an inquiry through the 

website seeking direction and assistance in navigating the divorce process.

In a quick 5-minute follow-up phone call from a CA Document Preparers (CDP) staff member, 

Joe asked what help was available. He had already been to see an attorney and had a general 

idea of the process. But was it really necessary to pay all those fees? Was there a better way?

Of course there was a better way. In fact, a free meeting in-person with the knowledgeable 

staff at CDP was the best approach. In 10 short minutes Joe had the answers he needed. CDP 

also arranged for Joe’s wife to come in for a short meeting so that she did not need to have an 

unknown person come to her home.

For a budget-friendly amount of $799, Joe received workbooks to read and fill in at his 

leisure. From this information CDP will work with Joe and his wife to complete the necessary 

paperwork and facilitate the process in as amicable and affordable a way as possible.

An added bonus was the personal, grandfatherly support of the concerned CDP staff member, 

who assured Joe that the kids will appreciate so much knowing that even through mommy and 

daddy are separating, they love their kids and treat each with respect.

Later, when it is time to go to college, the kids will surely also appreciate the fact that CDP helps 

bank accounts survive intact.