AB-5 and LLCs: CDP Provides a Workaround for Independent Contractors

AB-5 and LLCs: CDP Provides a Workaround for Independent Contractors

Jane Matthews built a successful business as a video and movie script writer while homeschooling her nine-year-old autistic daughter and shuttling her 15-year-old son to his accelerated science classes at the local college. Her husband’s sales job means that he travels frequently and is unavailable for day-to-day help with the family’s routine. The flexibility of Jane’s home-based business is what makes this all possible, and now she’s in the direct line of fire from AB-5.

Women may have the most to lose when it comes to AB-5

Women tend to be most in need of the flexible hours that draw them to independent contractor work. For those juggling caregiving and a heavy load of unpaid household work, running a business from home instead of commuting is often the only way they can get everything done. Job flexibility allows them to care for family while pursuing careers and generating an income.

The strategy behind AB-5 is that companies will hire their independent contractors

The new California labor law, AB-5, meant for companies to hire their independent contractors as full-time employees, is being met with heavy opposition. The bill’s sponsor, Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez (D-San Diego), tweeted that under the law “if you are a true independent proprietor, you can still operate as one.” Yet that’s not happening. California writers who bid on national projects are being blackballed.

What were they thinking?

While Governor Newsom was a proponent of the law for its efforts to address income inequality, and he signed it into law, we’re left wondering if they really thought this through. An estimated 37% of American workers are independent contractors. Newsom talked about creating collective bargaining and other ways to start raising worker wages. While wage inequity is bringing this country to its knees, putting people out of work cannot be the solution.

Many choose independent contractor status for the flexibility it affords

While many independent contractors would love to be hired as full-time employees to start accruing healthcare, retirement and vacation benefits, many others, like Jane Matthews, choose to be an independent contractor for the flexibility it affords. The list of professions that have traditionally and still are working independently is a long one. Some are familiar, others obscure. Many stand to lose their livelihoods. Think musicians, horse trainers, hair stylists, massage therapists, the people who give piano or ballet lessons to your kids. Churches and nonprofits. A wide range of consultants who are hired for a specific purpose, often for a specific time window. Many seniors who pick up part-time jobs to supplement their social security income will be hurt by this law.

One potential solution: Creating an LLC

CDP is assisting independent contractors in creating LLCs as a strategy to get around this bill. By forming a corporation, workers can retain their independent status—and potentially avoid losing work.

  • LLCs have become popular because they have fewer formalitiesthan other corporate structures, yet they still provide liability protection.
  • Forming an LLC is straightforward. In California,the filing fee to form an LLC is $75, which is included in our fee.
  • An LLC includes an annual$800 franchise tax, and you also will need to get a business license.

Do you have questions about forming a corporation? Contact us today for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Lawmakers promise changes to address worker concerns

California Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez continues to defend AB-5, insisting that its intention is to protect those workers who need it the most. Now just a few months into the new year, the law continues to be challenged. Freelance journalists, Uber, Lyft and truckers, among other groups, are involved in litigation.

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